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Guide to Healing Your Inner Child

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Why healing your inner child?

I’ve found that connecting to your inner child is at the foundation of all other healing work.

So many of us have wounds from our childhood that prevent us from feeling safe or worthy of love. We deflect our pain onto our loved ones and we all suffer.

Our inner child needs to feel safety first in order to access more love with ourselves and with others.


This guide will give you the tools to connect with your inner child.

To help them come out of hiding. To feel safe. To help them play and be soothed.


Your heart will open and you can trust your ability to love more and love deeper.

How to Use This Guide

This guide includes a 20-minute guided visualization to meet your inner child. Get cozy, grab a journal and find a quiet place to listen.


- Follow-up the meditation with the journal inquiries.

- Then create affirmations to anchor in the healing.

- Use the affirmations daily for a week.


You'll receive an email everyday for a week inviting you to check in with your inner child and to reflect on your experience. 

The Meditation

Grab a journal and find a quiet place where you can sit or lie down.

Use headphones and an eye pillow to submerse yourself in the experience. 

Reflection: Journaling & Custom Affirmations


Take some time and free write using these journal prompts:

- When you met your inner child what was her/his/their initial state?

- What was their reaction to you?

- What did they need from you to feel more whole?

- How can you continue to deliver that?

- In your childhood what did you need affirmed more often? 

(ex. you are smart, you are beautiful, you can be anything you want to be...)

Write 5 Affirmations:

Based on your journal answers create an affirmations specific to your experience.

Here are some affirmation examples. Feel free to use or tweak these:

- I will always listen to you and I have your back.

- You are safe. I will care for you.

- I love to see you play and have fun.

- You matter and I love you.

- I love to hear what you need.

- It's safe to be in relationship with _.

Repeat these affirmations to your inner child every morning and evening for the next 7 days.

Check in with your inner child as often as you can throughout the day.

Maybe you have a decision to make, see what your inner child thinks or maybe you are forming a relationship with a person, see what your inner child feels about them.

If you would like more support in connecting to your inner child:

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